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Flexible Air Duct Hose

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The raw material of the PVC flexible air duct hose is blue PVC mesh coated tarpaulin, The thickness is 0.35mm.Our normal size is 0.8*10M & 0.9*10M. If you want other thickness and size is also available.

【Flexible air duct hose】-Made by durable PVC tarpaulin, supported with stainless steel wire and wrapped by black rubber strip. It’s flexible, waterproof, flame-retardant.

【Adjustable ropes】-The thick rope can be adjusted to suit the caliber of the air duct, thereby ensuring a good sealing environment and higher work efficiency.

【Reinforced black rubber strip】-Wear resistant professional industrial black rubber strip and stainless steel wire ensure rings to be practical and durable.

【Application】- Our air duct hose designed for ventilation applications including duct fans and vent exhausts in factories, basements, farms, chemical, tunnel, automobile manufacturing, engine room ventilation, fire fighting rescue, etc.


Highly flexible

Easy to clean,Long functional life,Waterproof and flame-retardant ,Lightweight for easy transportation

The air duct is made of high-quality tarpaulin, and the joints are equipped with black rubber strips. When you don’t need to use the air duct, you can fold it and put it a side without taking up space. Under normal conditions, it can be used for 4-5 years.


flexible-duct-hose-1   flexible-duct-hose-2-(1)

flexible-duct-hose-2-(2)   flexible-duct-hose-2-(3)

flexible-duct-hose-2-(4)   flexible-duct-hose-2-(5)

flexible-duct-hose-2-(6)   flexible-duct-hose-2-(7)


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