Gray silver Oxford Tarp For Boat Cover

Item No.: LT-CD003
The fabric used for LTCANOPY Boat Cover is designed to be stronger than other covers and will not shrink or stretch. offers a superior quality boat cover that's easy to install.
 Oxford Tarp

        Gray silver Oxford Tarp For Boat Cover         Blue Oxford Tarp For Boat Cover (2)-9          Gray silver Oxford Tarp For Boat Cover

We use a variety of marine grade material to suit your needs and to protect your boat from harsh conditions such as rain, UV, dirt and mould. We only use quality material that offers warranty from 3 years up to 10 that way your cover will last for many years to come.
Our products in this area include:
Transport Covers
Full Boat Covers
Clear Covers
Storm Covers
Engine covers & stone guards
Electric Motor Covers
Bimini Covers

There are more than 6 kinds of tarps can choose.This is one of them:Oxford Tarp
Article Description Thickness Weight Features
1 Oxford Fabric (coated PVC material) 0.20mm 290g 1. Waterproof


3.Mildew proof

4.Wind proof

2 Oxford Fabric (coated PVC material) 0.30mm 300g
3 Oxford Fabric (coated PVC material) 0.40mm 305g
4 Oxford Fabric (coated PVC material) 0.45mm 330g

Summary : 4 kinds process as follow
Standard of Four Processes
1.High heat-sealing fold hems
2.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet
3.High heat-sealing fold hems with rope
4.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet and rope

Width       1.5m-2.1m  (big tarp need to heat-sealing)       Place of origin FoShan , China
Length customized Brand Name LTCANOPY
logo customized Color Customized
   Authentication All feature of SGS certification Payment T/T

awning tent shipping cover Boat Cover

safety padding     other function

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SGS Certification of Different Features

Tarpaulin in PVC mesh coated technique is good. That is why it owns 11 kinds of different features.There are some feature need to make an instructions as follow:
1. 100% waterproof is the base feature
2. Anti UV test method:ASTM G154-16 Cycle1& ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005: 8H UV at (60±3)ºC BPT
3.Abrasion Resistance test method: with reference to ASTM D4060-14 and client's requirement,the standard PVC mesh coated tarpaulin will produce in standard,if you strong in particular this feature, please tell us,Because different thickness has different value.
4.Tear Strength: The value N at X/Y direction are different.especial different thickness tarpaulin in different value.
5.Flame Retardant match VTM-0,test method: UL 94-2013 Rev.8-2017 Secton 11

certification-atlas-peel strength lttarp-canopy-tarpaulin-awning-tarp
               production process-tarpaulin manufaction-supplier-tarp-canopy-awning-lttarp


Abundant tarpaulin Producing in high technique mechine in Foshan LiTong CANOPY Facotry


♦These procedure are called Weaving, Coating, Fabricating/Converting,tinting.


Fully Auto-Infrared Cutting Machine & HF High heat-Sealing Spliching Machine
-------For Procedure

♦There still are different spliching machine for different kinds of spliching, welding effect.
♦Small size or Big size or Round welding or Rectangle welding need to use different Splicing Machine. 
♦And many Sewing machine
procedure-tarpaulin manufacture-tarp supplier-canopy-awning-canvas-lttarp

splicing machine-tarpaulin manufaction-supplier-tarp-canopy-canvas-awning-lttarp


------------------------Processing Technology------------------------
Standard of Four Processes
1.High heat-sealing fold hems
2.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet
3.High heat-sealing fold hems with rope
4.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet and rope

processing technology-tarpaulin manufacturer-supplier-factory-tarapulin -canopy-canvas-lttarp

processing technology-tarpaulin manufacturer-supplier-factory-tarapulin -canopy-canvas-lttarp-1

Tarpaulin in Stock

Raw material and Tarpaulin in roll are all lot in stock, 120 production line, 24 hours keep moving, successive provide 60000 square meters tarpaulin per day, distribute all over the world, sell roll material or send to two branch factory to process into ready-made goods




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