Blue PVC Heavy Duty Filament Fabric Tarp For Music Concert Stage Cover

Item No.: LT-CA001
International Super star coming from HongKong name LeonLaiMing had held a music concert in Victoria Harbour of HongKong , we were very honour to be one of the suppliers to set up his music stage.
 PVC Mesh Coated Tarp

        0.9mm (38-oz) Blue heavy duty pvc fabric coated mesh truck cover-1         0.9mm (38-oz) Blue heavy duty pvc fabric coated mesh truck cover-1          0.9mm (38 oz) Blue heavy duty pvc fabric coated mesh truck cover-8

What products we can offer? Why he chose our LTCANOPY within hundred of tenders? Think about it !!
Our LTCANOPY has been professional in tarpaulin for 20 years, and the tarpaulin are widely use in vast territories. During last 30 years , with the rapid development of science and technology and accelerating change of international market demand , tarpaulin usage beginning from vehicle , agriculture, manufacturing, industry to other regions, like construction, mining ,daily family usage, equipment room, basement, shipbuilding, aviation, something you cant imaging that all will happens, So are we , LTCANOPY also follow the developing trend of times actively, and step by step to being stronger. Nowadays LTCANOPY has became one of the biggest tarpaulin factory in FOSHAN. Good reputation for faith, professional, service. quality first, service first are all long our LTCANOPY tenet.

Set up a perfect music concert stage need huge time and money to completed, Leon is a responsible stickler for perfection, order everything must safe and comply with the standard of music concert law. For instance, frame, design etc, from general design to the small details in material, all are strict. That is why LTCANOPY was chose by one of the supplier.

In this project, LTCANOPY was mainly in charge of the big roof cover of music concert around 60 thousand square meters, roof is the main part of the structure , just like hair of human,this stage cover need high quality to protect the music concert can run smoothly. This big roof cover is make of heavy duty polyester filament fabric and double coating--we called it heavy duty PVC fabric coated tarpaulin.

Otherwise, spot lights in the music concert will reach temperature 600-800 high degrees, that the heavy duty PVC fabric coated tarpaulin also has a wonderful feature can make a good guarantee for safety : flame resistant. Due to make of special materials, there are many features it owns : resistant, water-proof, UV resistant, high strength, mildew resistant, anti-aging, eco-friendly, flame resistant, highly abrasion resistant, Acid and Rot resistant, oil resistant etc. Comply with standard of ASTM E84/UL723 CLASS A, ROHS 2.0, the structure of heavy duty pvc fabric coated tarpaulin are 4D. In the process of production, there will add some special colorants which will lead to 4D lights effects.

There are more than 6 kinds of tarps can choose.This is one of them:PVC mesh coated tarp
Article Description Thickness Weight Features
1 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.40 530 g/m2
2.UV Proof
3.Abrasion resistant
6.Tear resistant
7.Flame resistant
8.High temperature resistant +70
9.Mildew resistant
10.Wind proof
11.Acid and alkali resistance
2 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.45 580 g/m2
3 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.50 630 g/m2
4 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.55 680 g/m2
5 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.60 730 g/m2
6 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.65 780 g/m2
7 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.80 900 g/m2
8 polyester filament fabric and double coating 0.90 1100 g/m2

Summary : 4 kinds process as follow
Standard of Four Processes
1.High heat-sealing fold hems
2.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet
3.High heat-sealing fold hems with rope
4.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet and rope

Width       1.5m-2.1m  (big tarp need to heat-sealing)       Place of origin FoShan , China
Length customized Brand Name LTCANOPY
logo customized Color Customized
   Authentication All feature of SGS certification Payment T/T
car cover  truck cover  rain cover agriculture usage
awning tent shipping cover construction site usage
acoustical blanket flood filled pipe fish pond/liner container cover/liner
safety padding flexible duct hose water storage bladder other function

Other Tarps For Truck / Trailer Cover

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SGS Certification of Different Features

Tarpaulin in PVC mesh coated technique is good. That is why it owns 11 kinds of different features.There are some feature need to make an instructions as follow:
1. 100% waterproof is the base feature
2. Anti UV test method:ASTM G154-16 Cycle1& ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005: 8H UV at (60±3)ºC BPT
3.Abrasion Resistance test method: with reference to ASTM D4060-14 and client's requirement,the standard PVC mesh coated tarpaulin will produce in standard,if you strong in particular this feature, please tell us,Because different thickness has different value.
4.Tear Strength: The value N at X/Y direction are different.especial different thickness tarpaulin in different value.
5.Flame Retardant match VTM-0,test method: UL 94-2013 Rev.8-2017 Secton 11

certification-atlas-peel strength lttarp-canopy-tarpaulin-awning-tarp
               production process-tarpaulin manufaction-supplier-tarp-canopy-awning-lttarp


Abundant tarpaulin Producing in high technique mechine in Foshan LiTong CANOPY Facotry


♦These procedure are called Weaving, Coating, Fabricating/Converting,tinting.


Fully Auto-Infrared Cutting Machine & HF High heat-Sealing Spliching Machine
-------For Procedure

♦There still are different spliching machine for different kinds of spliching, welding effect.
♦Small size or Big size or Round welding or Rectangle welding need to use different Splicing Machine. 
♦And many Sewing machine
procedure-tarpaulin manufacture-tarp supplier-canopy-awning-canvas-lttarp

splicing machine-tarpaulin manufaction-supplier-tarp-canopy-canvas-awning-lttarp


------------------------Processing Technology------------------------
Standard of Four Processes
1.High heat-sealing fold hems
2.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet
3.High heat-sealing fold hems with rope
4.High heat-sealing fold hems with grommet and rope

processing technology-tarpaulin manufacturer-supplier-factory-tarapulin -canopy-canvas-lttarp

processing technology-tarpaulin manufacturer-supplier-factory-tarapulin -canopy-canvas-lttarp-1

Tarpaulin in Stock

Raw material and Tarpaulin in roll are all lot in stock, 120 production line, 24 hours keep moving, successive provide 60000 square meters tarpaulin per day, distribute all over the world, sell roll material or send to two branch factory to process into ready-made goods




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